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Read Match & Print

Add a Read, Match, & Print System to any inserter.  

• The system reads a barcode on a letter out of a pocket from the inserter which represents a record number.
• Usually a 2D barcode or OCR number is preferred.
• The software then tracks the piece through the inserter.
• The envelope then gets turned over and is presented to the inkjet to print the name and address.
• A report is then generated to give to your customer showing the integrity of their mail.

Matching Capabilities

When you start using our equipment, you'll be amazed at its capabilities. Not only was it designed to read barcodes, but also look up addresses and other information in databases and print the results for you.

Moreover, the system has the ability to match documents that have been collected by different stations on inserters and other production lines. Its matching capability is very impressive.

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